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    Hi Alan,

    Mmm no luck so far ;(
    I've checked that the bios is the latest available and there doesn't seem to
    be any type of chipset software patch or upgrade.
    What I have done is tried compiling the kernel for AMD K6/2, K6/3, .....this
    seems to work nicely and it's stable.
    It seems that I'll have to give the "Athlon" support a miss for now. ;(

    How does one go about obtaining a Transmeta chip ? I'm really keen to try it
    ;-) ...anyways probably just a fantasy for now.

    Thanks for the help anyways and keep up the fantastic work !

    David Wilson
    Technical Support Centre
    The S.A Internet
    0860 100 869

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Alan Cox []
    Sent: 16 May 2001 10:35
    To: David Wilson
    Cc: Alan Cox;
    Subject: Re: FW: I think I've found a serious bug in AMD Athlon
    page_alloc.c routines, where do I mail the developer(s) ?

    > I wonder if DFI has a bios or chipset patch available and whether that
    > help ?
    > Maybe disabling the VIA chipset support in the kernel and running generic
    > drivers would help ?

    Play with ideas see what you find out. You might strike lucky. So far nobody
    else has

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