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Subject[PATCH] remove page_launder() from bdflush

Hi Linus,

There is no reason why bdflush should call page_launder().

Its pretty obvious that bdflush's job is to only write out _buffers_.

Under my tests this patch makes things faster.

Guess why? Because bdflush is writing out buffers when it should instead
blocking inside try_to_free_pages().

Please apply.

--- fs/buffer.c.orig Tue May 15 03:13:05 2001
+++ fs/buffer.c Tue May 15 03:13:22 2001
@@ -2703,8 +2703,6 @@

flushed = flush_dirty_buffers(0);
- if (free_shortage())
- flushed += page_launder(GFP_KERNEL, 0);

* If there are still a lot of dirty buffers around,

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