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    SubjectRe: [NEW SCSI DRIVER] for 53c700 chip and NCR_D700 card against 2.4.4
    I've implemented most of these as you suggest, with these exceptions:

    > > + default:
    > > + printk(KERN_INFO "scsi%d (%d:%d): Unexpected message %s: ",
    > > + host->host_no, pun, lun,
    > > + NCR_700_phase[(dsps & 0xf00) >> 8]);
    > > + print_msg(hostdata->msgin);
    > > + printk("\n");
    > It would be nice with a KERN_XX before "\n" (yes, I recognize that
    > print_msg does not do this :( )

    The KERN_XX only go at the beginning of an output line (otherwise you see rather annoying <n> embedded in the log---the smc-mca driver has a hugely irritating example of this). print_msg doesn't do a carriage return by itself, so these three prints are really only one line (and hence all done under the KERN_INFO).

    The "OUTSTANDING TAGS.." message is another one of these---it prints a list of tags all on one line. said:
    > + if(request_irq(irq, NCR_700_intr, SA_SHIRQ, "NCR_D700",
    > +host)) {
    > + printk(KERN_ERR "NCR D700, channel %d: irq
    > +problem, detatching\n", i);
    > + NCR_700_release(host);
    > + release_region(host->base, 64);
    > + continue;
    > + }
    > You need to kfree(hostdata) here. I would also recommend putting
    > a scsi_unregister into NCR_700_release since you need to balance
    > the scsi_register done in NCR_700_detect.

    Actually, I need to remove the release_region here (since it's done in NCR_700_release) and add a scsi_unregister.

    There's no need to do a scsi_unregister in _release; scsi_unregister is only really used to tell the mid layer to relinquish a host after an error. In _release, the mid layer is telling you that it has released the host and we need to clean up.

    Thanks for the updates, I'll post another patch once I've got a few other people's suggestions rolled in.


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