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SubjectRe: PATCH: Enable IP PNP for 2.4.4-ac8

Eric W. Biederman writes:
> Mostly I like the situation where I can compile it in and turn it on
> when I need it, instead of having to do thing differently if it is
> compiled in or not.
> ip=on is all it really takes.

This is the main reason I like the current 2.4.x behavior.

I hate config options that change how the core of the kernel
boot makes decisions. Things like "where is root", "what is
my network address or where do I get that information" have
no reasonable default. This is why the command line args
are there.

If you want a kernel which automatically does "foo", you have
several options already by which to do this:

1) Many platforms allow you to store a boot comand line
in the firmware (Sparc, several MIPS, PPC, etc.)

2) Failing #1, you can add a default prefix/postfix to the
kernel command line at build time if you wish, just add
some simple variable to the toplevel Makefile and have
init/main.c frob this thing onto the kernel command
line string after initially fetching it.

Really, H. J., you are asking for a static command line feature.
That's cool, so add it :-)

David S. Miller
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