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    SubjectMulti-function PCI devices
    Hi there,

    I've got a problem with my communication card: It's a PCI card with a
    NetMos chip, and it provides two serial and one parallel port. It's not
    officially supported by the linux kernel, so I wrote my own patch and
    sent it to the parallel, serial and pci maintainer. The patch itself is
    basically an extension of the pci id tables; and I hope it's in the
    queue for the official kernel.

    The patch worked great for me with kernel 2.4.1 and .2, but no longer
    with 2.4.3. The parallel port still works, but the serial port will not
    be detected. I had a quite long debugging session last night (adding
    printk's to the pci code takes some time, for you have to reboot to load
    the new kernel), and I think I found the reason:

    The card shows up on the PCI bus as one device. For the card provides
    both serial and parallel ports, it will be driven by two subsystems, the
    serial and the parallel driver.

    I found that _either_ the parallel or the serial port works, depending
    on which module you load first. The reason for this seems to be in
    pci.c, especially in the pci_register_driver() function. It reads:

    int pci_register_driver(struct pci_driver *drv)
    struct pci_dev *dev;
    int count = 0;

    list_add_tail(&drv->node, &pci_drivers);
    pci_for_each_dev(dev) {
    if (!pci_dev_driver(dev))
    count += pci_announce_device(drv, dev);
    return count;

    pci_announce_device() will be called only if there's no other driver
    claiming the device. This explains why either the parallel or the serial
    port will be detected: The first driver loaded will see the device, the
    next drivers won't.

    I'm afraid this is not a bug, but a design issue, and will be hard to
    solve. Maybe we need a flag for such devices which allows it to be
    claimed ba more thean one driver?

    In the meantime, what can I do to get both ports working?

    TIA, Michael

    netWorks Vox: +43 316 692396
    Michael Reinelt Fax: +43 316 692343
    Geisslergasse 4 GSM: +43 676 3079941
    A-8045 Graz, Austria e-mail:
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