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    SubjectRe: /proc/config idea
    Alan Cox wrote:

    > > a module for 2.4.3 will work for any 2.4.3 kernel that supports modules
    > > at all (except for the SMP vs UP issue) so it's not the same thing as
    > > trying to figure out which if the 2.4.3 kernels matches what you are
    > > running.
    > Nope. The 2.4 kernel ABI depends upon a mixture of config options including the
    > cpu type, as well as the compiler version being used. The API is intended to
    > be constant throughout 2.4 (but isnt yet totally solid due to bug fixing
    > activity). We don't care about the ABI because we are source code based

    Is it possible to identify *all* the dependencies and include symbols (or by some
    method) have these dependencies checked by insmod? It would be simply
    smashing to have it all inherently bullet proof. (i know never say never, but
    lower maintenance then or simpler for users or something)

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