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    SubjectRe: Zerocopy implementation issues

    Russell King writes:
    > Or am I missing something?

    csum_block_*() has nothing to do with checksumming buffers, it 2's
    complement adds two integers passed as arguments based upon the offset
    of one of the buffers (this decides if one of the csums needs to be
    byte swapped before the 2's complement addition to get a correct

    That was the point of my mail, the last_byte_was_odd code
    had nothing to do with what your checksum code needs to be
    doing, never did and never will. Your premise was that the
    last_byte_was_odd code "proved" that the csum_partial_copy
    destination buffer could not be byte aligned, and I tried
    to show that the last_byte_was_odd code had nothing to do
    with whether that was allowed or not.

    Your csum_partial_copy*() code needs to handle unaligned
    destination buffers, period.

    I understand that you are frustruated about this and it
    requires you to touch some delicate assembly. But I'm
    going to be blunt and say "tough", because everyone has
    to implement this correctly. Just do it and get it
    over with.

    David S. Miller
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