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    Subject[patch] swap-speedup-2.4.3-B3

    the latest swap-speedup patch can be found at:

    (the patch is against 2.4.4-pre6 or 2.4.3-ac13.)

    -B3 includes Marcelo's patch for another area that blocks unnecesserily on
    locked swapcache pages: async swapcache readahead. Marcello did some tests
    which shows that this fix brought some nice improvements too.

    "make -j32 bzImage" using 128MB mem, 128MB swap, 4 CPUs:

    stock 2.4.3-ac13
    real 4m0.678s
    user 4m2.870s
    sys 0m38.920s

    real 3m24.190s
    user 4m1.070s
    sys 0m31.950s

    swap-speedup-B3 (A2 + Marcelo's swapin-readahead non-blocking patch)
    real 3m7.410s
    user 4m0.940s
    sys 0m28.680s

    ie. for this kernel compile test:

    swap-speedup-A2 is a 18% speedup relative to stock 2.4.3-ac13
    swap-speedup-B3 is a 28% speedup relative to stock 2.4.3-ac13

    and the amount of CPU time spent in the kernel has been reduced
    significantly as well.

    I believe all the correctness and SMP-locking issues have been taken care
    of in -B3 as well.


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