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SubjectRe: Request for comment -- a better attribution system
>>>>> "Henning" == Henning P Schmiedehausen <> writes:

Henning> "Eric S. Raymond" <> writes:
>> Here is an example map block for my tool:

>> # %Map # T: CONFIG_ namespace cross-reference generator/analyzer #
>> P: Eric S. Raymond <> # M: # L:
>> # W:
>> # D: Sat Apr 21 11:41:52 EDT 2001 #
>> S: Maintained

>> Comments are solicited.

Henning> Hi Eric,

Henning> please not. If you really want to redo this, please use a
Henning> simple XML markup. Let's not introduce another kind of
Henning> markup if there is already a well distributed and working.

Henning> What's wrong with:

DON'T! go there, please!

A) This sucks to write and maintain, B) it sucks for people bringing
up Linux on a minimum system or new architecture because they don't
want to have to install 217 XML and other tools to just be able to
configure and build a basic kernel.

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