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    SubjectRe: x86 rwsem in 2.4.4pre[234] are still buggy [was Re: rwsem benchmarks [Re: generic rwsem [Re: Alpha "process table hang"]]]
    On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 04:45:32PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > I would suggest the following:
    > - the generic semaphores should use the lock that already exists in the
    > wait-queue as the semaphore spinlock.

    Ok, that is what my generic code does.

    > - the generic semaphores should _not_ drop the lock. Right now it drops
    > the semaphore lock when it goes into the slow path, only to re-aquire
    > it. This is due to bad interfacing with the generic slow-path routines.

    My generic code doesn't drop the lock.

    > I suspect that this lock-drop is why Andrea sees problems with the
    > generic semaphores. The changes to "count" and "sleeper" aren't
    > actually atomic, because we don't hold the lock over them all. And
    > re-using the lock means that we don't need the two levels of
    > spinlocking for adding ourselves to the wait queue. Easily done by just
    > moving the locking _out_ of the wait-queue helper functions, no?

    Basically yes, however for the wakeup I wrote a dedicated routine that
    knows how to do the wake-all-next-readers or wake-next-writer (it is not
    the same helper function of sched.c).

    > - the generic semaphores are entirely out-of-line, and are just declared
    > universally as regular FASTCALL() functions.

    This is what I implemented originally but then I moved the fast path inline
    for the fast-path benchmark reasons. I think in real life it doesn't matter
    much if the fast path is inline or not.

    > The fast-path x86 code looks ok to me. The debugging stuff makes it less
    > readable than it should be, I suspect, and is probably not worth it at
    > this stage. The users of rw-semaphores are so well-defined (and so well
    > debugged) that the debugging code only makes the code harder to follow
    > right now.

    yes I agree, infact I added the ->magic check only to catch uninitialized
    semaphores (and this one doesn't hurt readability that much).

    > Comments? Andrea? Your patches have looked ok, but I absoutely refuse to
    > see the non-inlined fast-path for reasonable x86 hardware..

    In my last patch the fast path is inline as said above but it is not in asm yet
    because I couldn't get convinced it was right code. I plan to return looking
    into the rwsem soon. I also seen David fixed the bug and dropped the buggy
    rwsem-spin.h, so I suggest to merge his code for now, after a very short look
    it seems certainly better than pre5.

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