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    SubjectRe: kernel merge issues
    james rich wrote:

    > Hi folks,
    > I'm sure many here have read the discussion on lkml about lvm and
    > the problems that team is having. As part of that discussion it was said:

    I'm not entirely familiar with the issues surrounding lvm development, I know
    are not in good shape right now.

    But I would say the following statement is unrealistic.
    Trying to manage a large software project without source code control is
    an even bigger nightmare than with source code control.
    patch is NOT a source code control tool.
    In fact a good source code control system would allow patch incremental
    This is actually one glaring limitation of CVS, the ability group a set of
    together, aka "mod"
    (Bitkeeper has addressed a lot of these issues; it can generate or accept
    patch sets)

    The lvm problems seems to be more of wetware issue than a source code
    control tool issue.

    Hopefully XFS will be able to keep ahead the problem of dramatically
    code bases by staying active with Linus's releases.

    > Dan Kegel <>:
    > >I know very little about LVM, but from watching earlier projects
    > >in the same situation you're in now, the path you need to follow
    > >seems clear:
    > > Stop using CVS internally for development.
    > > It makes checking in changes without submitting them to
    > > Linus too easy.
    > >To get sync'd back up, *start with the standard kernel*,
    > >and start generating clean, human-understandable patches one
    > >at a time that bring it up to where you want.
    > I am wondering how the XFS team plans on avoiding the same problems once
    > XFS becomes part of the kernel. Is there potential for problems with SGI
    > "losing control" over the source or direction of XFS once Linus puts it in
    > his tree?
    > How does the above comment relate to the XFS team's plans on patches to
    > XFS and related areas once XFS is in?
    > Just want to get these issues into the air before rancor and ill will
    > spread...
    > P.S. XFS has been extremely solid and has saved me a lot of time waiting
    > for fscks. I am really impressed by the professionalism of the XFS team.
    > Hopefully I can contribute soon - working on a slackware boot/modules/root
    > disk set for XFS.
    > James Rich

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