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SubjectCounters [Re: IP Acounting Idea for 2.5]
On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 12:29:30PM +0200, Olaf Titz wrote:
> > Umm, no. Counters can be resetable - you just specify that accounting
> > programs should not reset them, ever.
> >
> > The ability to reset counters is extremely useful if you're a human
> > looking at the output of iptables -L -v. (I thus far know of no one
> > who can memorise the counter values for around 40 rules).
> You'll get bogus accounting results unless you stop/restart the
> accounting programs every time you manually deal with the counters.
> This sounds dangerously easy to make mistakes to me.

mmh. But isn't that obvious? Every time you mess with anything (counters
or rules) of the chains/tables, your accounting program will get into
trouble, if it relies on those counters.

I don't think that it makes sense to do iptables-based accounting if you have
changes to the ruleset (counters and/or rules) at runtime. You'd have
to be very cautious what you are doing.

> Olaf

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