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SubjectRe: IP layer bug?

On Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 07:32:48PM +0400, wrote:

> General rule is minimization redundant clearings of the area.
> > Why not document it somewhere, so that others will not fall into the same trap?
> Indeed. 8) You got the experience, which you expect to be useful
> for people, it is time to prepare some note recording this. 8)
I cannot think of something better that piece below, so I think
you may want to change it, anyway ;)

--- include/linux/skbuff.h.orig Mon Apr 2 13:13:46 2001
+++ include/linux/skbuff.h Mon Apr 2 13:24:18 2001
@@ -102,7 +102,10 @@
* This is the control buffer. It is free to use for every
* layer. Please put your private variables there. If you
* want to keep them across layers you have to do a skb_clone()
- * first. This is owned by whoever has the skb queued ATM.
+ * first (which is a must, anyway). This is owned by whoever
+ * has the skb queued ATM.
+ * Driver writers: notice you should zero cb before netif_rx()
+ * if you used it.
char cb[48];

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