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Subjectboot failure with kernel 2.4.2. please help.

I have kernel 2.2.16 installed on my machine and trying to upgrade to
2.4.2. Verified from 2.4.2 Documentation that I have different utilities
(gcc, binutils, pppd etc) of the specified or the greater version.
I am able to make bzImage for 2.4.2, but when I try to boot with
2.4.2 option in lilo, the message is :
Uncompressing the kernel.... Ok. Booting the kernel

and the machine hangs !

The configuration is mostly default (except for SCSI not needed, so
made off, soundcard off, USB off).
On getting few hints from mailing list discussions, I did make sure that
processor type is set correctly (and not default pentium-2/3) in .config
file and also tried changing '-oformat' option to '--oformat' in Makefile.
But still the machine fails to boot with 2.4.2

I am new to kernel area.
Requesting all of you hints for diagnosing / correcting the problem.

thanx & regards,
Narendra Joshi

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