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SubjectRe: amiga affs support broken in 2.4.x kernels??
Roman Zippel wrote:
> Hi,
> Mark Hounschell wrote:
> > I'm not a list member so IF you respond to this mail please CC me.
> > I've been looking at the archives and see some problems with the 2.3.x
> > kernel versions and affs support.
> I've put a new version at
> bye, Roman

Thanks, I can now mount affs filesystems. However when I try to write
to it via "cp somefile /amiga/somefile" I get a segmentation fault. If
I then do a "df -h" it hangs the system very much like the mount command
did before I installed your tar-ball. Was write support expected from
Are you the NEW maintainer of the affs stuff. I very much appreciate
response and if I can help in any way just let me know. I use affs quite
a bit here at work in conjunction with UAE and real amigas.

I also received a response from I guess the original
maintainer, Hans-Joachim Widmaier <>.
I quote:

"?affs is broken since somewhere in 2.3.xx. Alas, I do not have
the time
anymore to do anything about it, and my Amiga ran its last
program, too,
so I cannot test anymore. Last I know is that several guys
wanted to
look after affs in 2.4--at least make it run--, but it seems
that nothing
much has been done in that way. :-(

Sorry for not bearing better news."


I was very much relieved to from you as I know have HOPE for a
completely working affs again.


Mark Hounschell
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