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    SubjectRe: Linux-Kernel Archive: No 100 HZ timer !
    On Fri, 13 Apr 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > Okay but what will be used for a base for hardware that has critical
    > > timing issues due to the rules of the hardware?
    > > #define WAIT_MIN_SLEEP (2*HZ/100) /* 20msec - minimum sleep time */
    > >
    > > Give me something for HZ or a rule for getting a known base so I can have
    > > your storage work and not corrupt.
    > The same values would be valid with add_timer and friends regardless. Its just
    > that people who do
    > while(time_before(jiffies, started+DELAY))
    > {
    > if(poll_foo())
    > break;
    > }
    > would need to either use add_timer or we could implement get_jiffies()

    Okay regardless of the call what is it going to be or do we just random
    and go oh-crap data!?!?

    Since HZ!==100 of all archs that have ATA/ATAPI support, it is a mircale
    that FS corruption and system death is not more rampant, except for the
    fact that hardware is quick by a factor of 10+ so that 1000 does not quite
    do as much harm but the associated mean of HZ changes and that is a
    problem with slower hardware.

    Nevermind just going nuts over the issues...
    Just trying to keep the flamage down and stuff like that....


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