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SubjectRe: Bug report: tcp staled when send-q != 0, timers == 0.

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 11:04:04PM +0400, wrote:
> > In my experiments linux simply sets mss=mtu-40 at the start of ethernet
> > connections. I do not know why, but belive it's ok. How the version of
> > kernel and configuration options can affect mss later?
> The problem begins f.e. when mss is less and packet arrives on ethernet.
> It eats the same 1.5k of memory, but carries only ~mss bytes of tcp payload.
> See? We do not know this forward, advertise large window, have not enough
> rcvbuf to get it filled and cannot do anything but dropping new packets.

However, I can't understand the dependency upon the kernel version, etc...

Let me steak on this question again. In my experiments I found the
dependency on the keepalive setting for connection on 2.2.17:

mtu 382 + keepalive yes -> loss
mtu 382 + keepalive no -> ok

I made 2 tries for each setting. Does your model of "mss/mtu bug" cover
such a picture? If the answer is "yes", I am almost satisfied. :-)

If this behaviour is not deterministic, and is driven by probability,
does it mean that I can get other results with large number of tests?
Eugene Berdnikov
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