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SubjectRe: (ide. DiskPerf compile problem
Andre Hedrick wrote:
> DiskPerf /dev/hde
> Device: IBM-DTLA-307075 Serial Number: YSDYSFA5874
> LBA 0 DMA Read Test = 63.35 MB/Sec (3.95 Seconds)
> Outer Diameter Sequential DMA Read Test = 35.89 MB/Sec (6.97 Seconds)
> Inner Diameter Sequential DMA Read Test = 17.64 MB/Sec (14.17 Seconds)

Where can I get the latest DiskPerf?

The version on:
does not compile at all:

linux:~/DiskPerf-1.0 # make
gcc -o DiskPerf -O3 -lglib DiskPerf.c
DiskPerf.c: In function `ataRead':
DiskPerf.c:155: storage size of `reqtask' isn't known
DiskPerf.c:156: storage size of `taskfile' isn't known
DiskPerf.c:157: `ide_reg_valid_t' undeclared (first use in this function)
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