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    SubjectRe: Asus CUV4X-D, 2.4.3 crashes at boot
    From: "Allen Campbell" <>

    > I've seen the exact same behavior with my CUV4X-D (2x1GHz) under
    > 2.4.2 (debian woody). In addition, the kernel would sometimes hang
    > around NMI watchdog enable. At least, I think it's trying to
    > `enable'. The hang would occur around 50% of boot attempts. Once
    > booted, everything was stable. A non-SMP 2.4.2 kernel (no IO-APIC
    > either, sorry, didn't test that) always booted without hangs.

    Yep, sounds like the same problem.

    > Strangely, (happily for me,) the boot hangs stopped with 2.4.3.
    > I've booted maybe 10 times (hot and cold) since I built 2.4.3 and
    > I've had no hangs. When I get back to the box, I'll try booting
    > a few dozen more times and see if I can confirm your observation.

    Please do test it. I think you'll find the problem is still very much


    Simon Garner

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