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    SubjectRe: yacc dependency of aic7xxx driver
    >hello justin !
    >i have just tried to install the latest 2.4.3pre3 kernel with your
    >it failed with yacc: file not found.
    >while i could install yacc, i have never had to use it before. i was
    >assuming that the newer bison could do the same thing (which is what
    >i have installed).
    >so far, the kernel has not relied on yacc, which is why i'd like to
    >ask you if it's possible to make it work with bison.

    The assembler makefile doesn't reference yacc, but instead relies
    on gmake's built in rules to figure out how to generate a .c from
    a .y. I'm somewhat surprised that bison doesn't create a link to
    yacc or that gmake doesn't try to look for bison.

    Oh well. We'll just have to be more careful in how future patches
    are generated so that the dependency between the generated firmware
    files and the firmware source only triggers if you are actually
    performing firmware development. Trying to build this simple
    assmebler on everyone's systems is turning out to be just too

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