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    SubjectRe: OOM killer???
    avid Lang <>:
    >one of the key places where the memory is 'allocated' but not used is in
    >the copy on write conditions (fork, clone, etc) most of the time very
    >little of the 'duplicate' memory is ever changed (in fact most of the time
    >the program that forks then executes some other program) on a lot of
    >production boxes this would be a _very_ significant additional overhead in
    >memory (think a busy apache server, it forks a bunch of processes, but
    >currently most of that memory is COW and never actually needs to be

    So? If the requirement is no-overcommit, then assume it WILL be overwritten.
    Allocate sufficient swap for the requirement.

    Now, it shouldn't be necessary to include the text segment - after all
    this should be marked RX.

    Actually just X would do, but on Intel systems that also means R. and if W
    is set it also means RWX. I hope that Intel gets a better clue about memory
    protection sometime soon.

    Jesse I Pollard, II

    Any opinions expressed are solely my own.
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