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    Subject[ANNOUNCE] Linux Trace Toolkit 0.9.5pre1

    LTT 0.9.5pre1 is out.

    As the name says, this is a development version and should be
    treated as such. Only one kernel is supported with 0.9.5pre1,
    linux 2.4.0-test10.

    What it includes:
    -Cross-platform reading capability submitted by Andy Lowe
    -Visualizer enhancements submitted by Rocky Craig
    -Patch fixes by Peng Dai and Bob Montgomery
    -Many bug fixes seen using the "-Wall" flag to build the user tools

    The trace format has changed again to support cross-platform
    reading capabilities.

    0.9.5pre1 has no support for RTAI. pre2 will include the cross-
    platform capabilities for RTAI.

    Here's what should be in pre2:
    -Support for 2.2.18/2.4.2
    -Support for the latest RTAI, including cross-platform capabilities
    -Benchmark fixes from Rocky Craig
    -SH support by Greg Banks

    Check the project's web-site for details on 0.9.5pre1:



    Karim Yaghmour
    Embedded and Real-Time Linux Expert
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