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    SubjectRe: kernel apm code
    David Balazic <> writes:

    > John Fremlin wrote:
    > >
    > > David Balazic <> writes:


    > > The maintainer hasn't the time to do it. He promised me he would in
    > > February, when I telephone, but hasn't bothered to do anything
    > > AFAICS. I hacked together the following patch for it a while ago,
    > > which updated APM_IOC_REJECT for slightly more recent kernels (be
    > > warned, I think I made some mistakes)
    > It uses the same version number ( 1.15 ) as the "official" apm.c (
    > at ). I don't think that is a good idea. Maybe
    > 1.14b ?

    Well it's not going to go anywhere unless you want to look after it so
    there's not much point in worrying about that :-)


    > > I made a (IMHO) better version called pmpolicy, based on different
    > > principles. More information is available at
    > >
    > >

    > To implement off-button you only need the APM_IOC_REJECT ioctl and

    The problem on my computer with my (re)implementation of
    APM_IOC_REJECT is that the screen goes into powersaving when the user
    suspend is received, then turns it back on when APM_IOC_REJECT is sent
    by apmd. Stephen said this was something wrong with my implementation
    (???). Anyway it is fixed in my pmpolicy patch, and I don't need no
    daemon so the code is a lot cleaner and simpler (no binary magic
    number interfaces).


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