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    SubjectRe: Ideas for the oom problem
    --On Wednesday, March 28, 2001 09:38:04 -0500 Hacksaw <> 
    > Deciding what not to kill based on who started it seems like a bad idea.
    > Root can start netscape just as easily as any user, but if the choice of
    > processes to kill is root's netscape or a user's experimental database,
    > I'd want the netscape to go away.

    root does not use netscape -FULLSTOP-

    Anyone working as root is (sorry) an idiot! root's processes are normally
    quite system-relevant and so they should never be killed, if we can avoid
    There can however be processes owned by other users which shouldn't be
    killed in OOM-Situation, but generally root's processes are more important
    than a normal user's processes.
    What about doing something really critical to avoid the upcoming OOM-situ
    and get your shell killed because you were to slow?

    Andreas Rogge <>
    Available on as Dyson
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