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    Eric Buddington wrote:
    > 2.4.2-ac23 nfsroot on a 386SX/20 with 6Mb RAM
    > On boot to single user, 'ls' and 'ls -l' work fine.
    > After mounting /proc, 'ls' still works, but 'ls -l' fails
    > with SIGILL after reading /etc/timezone (so says strace).
    > Unmounting /proc fixes the problem. Unmounting /dev doesn't.
    > I also, just now, had a spate of 'permission denied' errors
    > while trying to ls /dev/ subdirectories, and unexpected stale NFS handles.
    > The problems are varied enough that I suspect bad hardware, but would
    > flaky RAM cause such similar failures repeatedly? And is there a way
    > to test RAM explicitly?
    > Any tips appreciated, either to me ( or to
    > the list.

    Silly question, but is math emulation enabled?


    Brian Gerst
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