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Subjectporting lmbench test-suit from intel to mips platform.
linux kernel- 2.2.12
processor - pentirum III, 64 MB RAM, 667MHz.
lmbench test suit - used to test the memory bandwidth and latency
measurement for a system. downloaded from :
I downloaded and ran this lmbench test suit successfully on intel i386
platform and i got the result.
Then i installed cross-compiler ( egfcs-mips-linux-1.0.3a-1.i386.rpm and
binutils-mips-linux-2.8.1-1.i386.rpm ) in my intel box for mips platform.
After compiling the suit in intel box ; when i run the test (on mips
platform) the system hangs and the message appears " Setting flush to zero
for <function name> "..
this message is comming from traps.c file in the kernel.
could u please let me know..
1. The reason for this message and why the mips system hangs up.
2. Is there any place from where i could get this lmbench test suite
precompiled binary for mips-platform directly.
3. Is there any site where test suites for testing various drivers are
present for MIPS platform. test suite for
network driver(eepro100- 82559) , flash , ide.
thanks in advance

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