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    Subject[CHECKER] Questions about *_do_scsi & create_proc_entry


    I have a question about *_do_scsi(Scsi_Request *SRpnt, ...). If *SRpnt
    is not NULL, *_do_scsi will not return NULL. I'm not quite sure about the
    precondition in the following three 'errors' flaged by the NULL checker.
    In these cases, can
    *_do_scsi return NULL?

    Another question is that by inspecting the NULL checker's result, I
    found that *_do_scsi is always used in the following way "SRpnt =
    *_do_scsi(SRPnt, ...)" no matther SRPnt is NULL or not. If SRpnt is not
    NULL, why don't just use
    *_do_scsi(SRPnt, ...);
    The same thing happens to init_etherdev.

    Last question: we found 3 potential errors in arch/i386/kernel. It
    seems that create_proc_entry could return NULL. Please help us to verify
    if they are bugs or not.

    As usual, please CC us at Any help will be


    [UNKNOWN] osst_do_scsi will never return NULL if argument SRpnt isn't
    NULL. But they copy SRpnt back by *aSRpnt, implies it could be NULL
    ERROR:NULL:1042:1145: Using unknown ptr "SRpnt" illegally! set by

    for (i = 0, p = buffer; i < frames; i++, p += OS_DATA_SIZE) {

    memset(cmd, 0, MAX_COMMAND_SIZE);
    cmd[0] = 0x3C; /* Buffer Read */
    cmd[1] = 6; /* Retrieve Faulty Block */
    cmd[7] = 32768 >> 8;
    cmd[8] = 32768 & 0xff;
    Start --->
    SRpnt = osst_do_scsi(SRpnt, STp, cmd, OS_FRAME_SIZE,
    STp->timeout, MAX_RETRIES,

    if ((STp->buffer)->syscall_result) {
    printk(KERN_ERR "osst%d: Failed to read block back
    from OnStream buffer\n", dev);
    vfree((void *)buffer);
    *aSRpnt = SRpnt;
    return (-EIO);
    osst_copy_from_buffer(STp->buffer, p);
    // memcpy(p, STp->buffer->b_data, OS_DATA_SIZE);
    #if DEBUG
    if (debugging)
    printk(OSST_DEB_MSG "osst%d: Read back logical
    block %d, data %x %x %x %x\n",
    dev, logical_blk_num + i, p[0],
    p[1], p[2], p[3]);

    SRpnt is copied back
    through *aSRpnt here
    *aSRpnt = SRpnt;
    ERROR:NULL:1111:1145: Using unknown ptr "SRpnt" illegally! set by
    [UNKNOWN] osst_do_scsi can return NULL
    ERROR:NULL:1237:1243: Using unknown ptr "SRpnt" illegally! set by
    #if DEBUG
    printk(OSST_DEB_MSG "osst%d: About to write
    pending lblk %d at frame %d\n",
    dev, STp->logical_blk_num-1,

    SRpnt = osst_do_scsi(SRpnt, STp, cmd,

    Copied back here --->
    *aSRpnt = SRpnt;

    if (STp->buffer->syscall_result) { /*
    additional write error */
    if ((SRpnt->sr_sense_buffer[ 2] & 0x0f) ==
    13 &&
    SRpnt->sr_sense_buffer[12] ==
    0 &&
    SRpnt->sr_sense_buffer[13] ==
    2) {

    [UNKNOWN] create_proc_entry
    ERROR:NULL:1158:1160: Using unknown ptr "entry" illegally! set by

    root_irq_dir = proc_mkdir("irq", 0);

    /* create /proc/irq/prof_cpu_mask */
    entry = create_proc_entry("prof_cpu_mask", 0600, root_irq_dir);
    entry->nlink = 1;
    entry->data = (void *)&prof_cpu_mask;
    entry->read_proc = prof_cpu_mask_read_proc;
    entry->write_proc = prof_cpu_mask_write_proc;

    [UNKNOWN] create_proc_entry can return NULL
    ERROR:NULL:1137:1139: Using unknown ptr "entry" illegally! set by
    irq_dir[irq] = proc_mkdir(name, root_irq_dir);

    /* create /proc/irq/1234/smp_affinity */
    entry = create_proc_entry("smp_affinity", 0600, irq_dir[irq]);
    entry->nlink = 1;
    entry->data = (void *)(long)irq;
    entry->read_proc = irq_affinity_read_proc;

    [UNKNOWN] create_proc_entry
    ERROR:NULL:2074:2075: Using unknown ptr "proc_root_mtrr" illegally! set by

    #ifdef CONFIG_PROC_FS
    proc_root_mtrr = create_proc_entry ("mtrr", S_IWUSR | S_IRUGO,
    proc_root_mtrr->owner = THIS_MODULE;
    proc_root_mtrr->proc_fops = &mtrr_fops;


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