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SubjectRe: CML1 cleanup patch
"Eric S. Raymond" wrote:
> Jeff Garzik <>:
> > FWIW I am opposed to any large-scale cleanup of the configuration
> > language and/or identifiers in -any- 2.4.x series kernel.
> This is tweaking 39 symbols out of 1831, hardly large-scale. These
> irregularities in the namespace cause trouble out of all proportion to
> their size, is my problem. If you knew what I've been through trying
> to write analysis tools...*shudder*...

They cause trouble for you, solely, at the moment. Changing the CML1
namespace potentially causes trouble for many people.

> > Not only C code but installer utilities are affected by changes in the
> > CONFIG_xxx identifiers. If we change that namespace, we are changing
> > part of the API that is exported to drivers. Definitely not 2.4.x
> > stuff.
> My patch fixes those installer utilities. All three of them. And no driver
> code is or possibly could be broken by it, that's a red herring. *No
> object code will change as a result of this patch*.

You updated Linux-Mandrake's kernel RPM and Linux-Mandrake's installer?

> I want this in before the 2.5 fork for several reasons:
> (1) 19 of the 39 changes fix things that are outright bugs even in CML1.
> These should not be allowed to persist in the stable branch.

Please post a patch with only these 19 changes, and make sure to CC it
to linux-kernel.



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