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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix for serial.c to work with Xircom Cardbus Ethernet+Modem
    Tom Sightler wrote:
    > OK, can you try this patch? It's very simple, and is probably not the
    > correct fix (the correct fix is probably to add the Xircom card to the
    > supported PCI table), but it works for me. I'm not sure why the generic pci
    > serial code counts the number of iomem regions and only uses it if it has
    > exactly 0 or 1, but the Xircom has 2 iomem regions so the generic code fails
    > to use it. The following change relaxes the generic code to allow for up to
    > 2 iomem regions on a PCI serial device. I have no idea what the side
    > effects would be to this change, but it makes my Xircom work again and that
    > was my goal. If I can help someone fix this correctly let me know what you
    > need.

    [snipped patch]

    It seems something changed in 2.4.3-pre7 (against which I applied your
    patch) so that it doesn't make a difference. On startup I now get this,
    which I am CC:ing as per printk to

    Mar 24 23:59:05 princess cardmgr[374]: initializing socket 1
    Mar 24 23:59:05 princess kernel: got res[10c04000:10c07fff] for resource 6 of PCI device 115d:0103
    Mar 24 23:59:05 princess cardmgr[374]: socket 1: Xircom CBEM56G-100 CardBus 10/100 Ethernet + 56K Modem
    Mar 24 23:59:05 princess kernel: PCI: Enabling device 05:00.1 (0000 -> 0003)
    Mar 24 23:59:05 princess kernel: Redundant entry in serial pci_table. Please send the output of
    Mar 24 23:59:05 princess kernel: lspci -vv, this message (4445,259,4445,4481)
    Mar 24 23:59:05 princess kernel: and the manufacturer and name of serial board or modem board
    Mar 24 23:59:05 princess kernel: to
    Mar 24 23:59:05 princess kernel: register_serial(): autoconfig failed

    The card is a Xircom RBEM56G-100, despite what the card advertises.

    (in case you wonder, cardmgr is from pcmcia_cs-3.1.25).

    Thanks & ciao,

    --alessandro <> <>

    Linux: kernel 2.2.19p17/2.4.3p6 glibc-2.2 gcc-2.96-69 binutils-
    Oracle: Oracle8i Enterprise Edition for Linux
    motto: Tell the truth, there's less to remember.
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