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SubjectNCR53c8xx driver and multiple controllers...(not new prob)
I have a machine with 3 of these controllers (a 4 CPU server).  The
3 controllers are:
ncr53c810a-0: rev=0x23, base=0xfa101000, io_port=0x2000, irq=58
ncr53c810a-0: ID 7, Fast-10, Parity Checking
ncr53c896-1: rev=0x01, base=0xfe004000, io_port=0x3000, irq=57
ncr53c896-1: ID 7, Fast-40, Parity Checking
ncr53c896-2: rev=0x01, base=0xfe004400, io_port=0x3400, irq=56
ncr53c896-2: ID 7, Fast-40, Parity Checking
ncr53c896-2: on-chip RAM at 0xfe002000

I'd like to be able to make a kernel with the driver compiled in and
no loadable module support. It don't see how to do this from the
documentation -- it seems to require a separate module loaded for
each controller. When I compile it in, it only see the 1st controller
and the boot partition I think is on the 3rd. Any ideas?

This problem is present in the 2.2.x series as well as 2.4.x (x up to 2).

L A Walsh | Trust Technology, Core Linux, SGI | Voice: (650) 933-5338
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