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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.2-ac24
    On Sat, 24 Mar 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

    > Intermediate diffs are available from
    > (Note that the cmsfs port to 2.4 is a work in progress)
    > 2.4.2-ac24
    > o Fix build bug with tsc in ac23 (me)
    > o Update contact info for Phil Blundell (Phil Blundell)
    > o Update mm locking comments/rss locking (Andrew Morton)
    > o Update toshiba SMM driver (Jonathan Buzzard)
    > o Update old adaptec driver to 5.2.4 (Doug Ledford)
    > o CS46xx updates (Tom Woller)
    > o Quieten input layer printks a bit (me)
    > o Turn off APIC_DEBUG by default to cut noise down(me)
    > o Add Orinoco PCMCIA wireless support (David Gibson)
    > o Go back to 2.4.3pre6 tulip (Jeff Garzik)
    > o Fix double accounting of cpu time bug (Kevin Buhr)
    > o Drop ppp patch (me)
    [snip a lot of changelogs, maybe drop the 2.4.1-ac ones?]

    Alan, I guess the rumor about the gnomes living in a cave beneath Swansea
    is true. 13h 23min between the -ac23 and -ac24 announcements.


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