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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Prevent OOM from killing init
Alan Cox wrote:
> > > How do you return an out of memory error to a C program that is out of memory
> > > due to a stack growth fault. There is actually not a language construct for it
> >
> > Simple, you reclaim a few of those uptodate buffers. My testing here has
> If you have reclaimable buffers you are not out of memory. If oom is triggered
> in that state it is a bug. If you are complaining that the oom killer triggers
> at the wrong time then thats a completely unrelated issue.

Ummm, yeah, that would pretty much be the claim. Real easy to reproduce too.
Take your favorite machine with lots of RAM, run just a handful of startup
process and system daemons, then log in on a few terminals and do:

while true; do bonnie -s (1/2 ram); done

Pretty soon, system daemons will start to die.


Doug Ledford <>
Please check my web site for aic7xxx updates/answers before
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