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    SubjectRe: kswapd deadlock 2.4.3-pre6

    Marcelo Tosatti writes:
    > Are you sure flush_page_to_ram()/flush_icache_page() without
    > page_table_lock held is ok for all archs?

    This is actually a sticky area. For example, I remember that a long
    time ago I noticed that it wasn't necessarily guarenteed that even
    all the flush_tlb_{page,mm,range}() stuff was done under the page
    table lock.

    Maybe things have changed since then, but...

    Furthermore I did not specify that flush_page_to_ram/flush_icache_page
    can assume this, see Documentation/cachetlb.txt

    I have no problem adding this invariant to some of the interfaces, but
    we have to audit things.

    > Looking at arch/mips/mm/r2300.c:

    The r2300 port is UP-only btw...

    David S. Miller
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