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    SubjectRe: spinlock usage - ext2_get_block, lru_list_lock
    In article <>,
    Anton Blanchard <> wrote:
    >It was not surprising the BKL was one of the main offenders. Looking at the
    >stats ext2_get_block was the bad guy (UTIL is % of time lock was busy for,
    >WAIT is time spent waiting for lock):

    Actually, I find the BKL fairly surprising - we've whittled down all the
    major non-lowlevel-FS offenders, and I didn't realize that it's still
    there in do_exit().

    And the do_exit() case should be _trivial_ to fix: almost none of the
    code protected by the kernel lock in the exit path actually needs the
    lock. I suspect you could cut down the kernel lock there to much

    The big case seems to be ext2_get_block(), we'll fix that early in
    2.5.x. I think Al already has patches for it.

    As to lseek, that one should probably get the inode semaphore, not the
    kernel lock.

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