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    SubjectRe: Oops 0000 and 0002 on dual PIII 750 2.4.2 SMP platform
    "Shane Y. Gibson" wrote:
    > All,
    > I just compiled 2.4.2 and installed it on a otherwise stock
    > Redhat 7.0 platform. The system is a SuperMicro PIIISME,
    > running dual PIII 750s, with 256 cache. It appears that about
    > every 10 to 18 hours, the system is panicing, and freezing
    > up. The first time, I got an oops 0000, the second time an
    > oops 0002. Both crashes have occured only when the systems is
    > at 100% cpu utlization; processing several hundred MRTG
    > indexmaker operations.
    > I ran ksymoops on both outputs, and the results are pasted
    > below. Note, I compiled the kernel without loadable module
    > support. Please let me know if there is anything else I can
    > do/provide to help. Unfortunately, the second didn't output
    > enough for ksymoops to extract anything usefull.
    > v/r
    > Shane
    > Code; 00000000 Before first symbol
    > 0: 0f 0b ud2a

    There should be a line just before the oops saying "kernel BUG at..."

    Brian Gerst
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