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    SubjectRe: new generic content schemes popping up everywhere...
    Andre Hedrick wrote:
    > >From's GMSV column today:
    > self-destruct if it's tampered with. The utility is enabled
    > with 11 layers of security defenses, all of which must be
    > successfully navigated to disable the system. These layers
    > range from a series of forced reboots designed to thwart
    > automated hacking tools to something called "the white screen
    > of death" which destroys the software and all files stored
    > inside it. Infraworks CEO George Friedman says the
    > application's system-level control is possible largely because
    > it is firmly anchored into users' C drives during
    > installation. "We're fairly deep in the operating system,"

    Not much help if you put the disk in another box without their
    system installed (or mount in linux/BSD/MacOS) to break the
    encryption/controls. Once that's done, A floppy based OS
    and tool could break open the files on a disk, when their
    apps aren't running.

    If it can be decrypted "legally" it can
    be done "illegally" too.

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