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    Subjectnew generic content schemes popping up everywhere...

    >From's GMSV column today:

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition, "the white screen of
    death"" A small Texas venture with roots in the intelligence
    community has developed a digital copy protection scheme that
    it says is nearly unbeatable. Infraworks' InTether utility
    can not only limit the number of times a recipient can view or
    play a file, it can determine how long that file can be viewed
    or played. More intriguing still, InTether can make a file
    self-destruct if it's tampered with. The utility is enabled
    with 11 layers of security defenses, all of which must be
    successfully navigated to disable the system. These layers
    range from a series of forced reboots designed to thwart
    automated hacking tools to something called "the white screen
    of death" which destroys the software and all files stored
    inside it. Infraworks CEO George Friedman says the
    application's system-level control is possible largely because
    it is firmly anchored into users' C drives during
    installation. "We're fairly deep in the operating system,"
    Friedman told, "so we see what's going on and we
    either permit or deny it from happening in relation ... to the
    files under our control." While InTether has been dismissed
    by some -- most notably encryption expert Bruce Schneier -- as
    untenable, the technology has sparked the interest of some
    publishing concerns, among them Time Inc.and McGraw-Hill.

    Se if these bozos get into the kernel anytime soon...

    Andre Hedrick
    Linux ATA Development

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