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    Subject2.2.19pre13: Are there network problem with a low-bandwidth link?
    When I am a) using modem ppp connection and b) downloading a file from a
    reasonably fast server so that the incoming connection is saturated,
    then attempting to open a new network tcp connection while this is going
    on fails quite regularly. The user app gets a ECONNRESET error.

    Investigation shows that the kernel opens a tcp socket, moves the
    connection to the syn_sent state, and gets a response (delayed because
    the incoming traffic has saturated the link). The kernel then reports a
    bad segment, drops the connection, and tries again. Eventually the
    kernel gives up and returns the error.

    This never happens if the link is idle or lightly loaded. Heavy load is
    extremely important.

    I normally use an old Hayes ESP card for the modem, but I've tried a
    normal UART and the same thing happens.

    I do not see this in 2.2.18. I didn't see this in 2.2.19pre8 but, going
    back, there are bad segments but they are not frequent. In pre10 this
    behavior is very noticeable and it continues in pre13.

    Is there really a problem or am I having orher problems?


    2001-02-19 13:28:16.590 UTC (JD 2451960.061303)
    X = -1.468251565, Y = -0.627505988, Z = -0.247957428 (au)
    X' = 0.006352326, Y' = -0.010425935, Z' = -0.004953649 (au/d)

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