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    SubjectRe: problems with reiserfs + nfs using 2.4.2-pre4
    Alan Cox writes:
    >> This may seem like a lot, but several of these are already
    >> requirements which most filesystems don't meet, and other are there
    >> to tidy-up interfaces and make locking more straight forward.
    >As a 2.5 thing it sounds like a very sensible path. It will also provide
    >some of the operations groundwork needed for file systems that can only use
    >NFS4 temporary handles

    OK so I think what I can take from this is: for kernel 2.4 in the foreseeable
    future, reiserfs over NFS won't work without a special patch. And, filesystems
    other than ext2 in general might not support NFS. This all has to do with
    internal design decisions, results of people coding against those decisions,
    possibly abusing the decisions to acheive their own goals, etc, etc, all
    of which lead to problems when the underlying design decisions changed and broke
    code which depended on the old decisions.

    For the foreseeable future I am going to stick with ext2 for my NFS-exported
    directories. I think these problems need to be carefully stated in the
    for each filesystem which does not support NFS ... is often the
    most authoritative and up-to-date technical description of a particular kernel's

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