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SubjectCrash in request_region while handling kernel parameters
Hello kernel-hackers,

I found a problem with kernel 2.4, that makes the kernel crash at
bootup, for example when using the UMC8672 VLB IDE controller driver.
The problem is in kernel/resource.c. In line 229 some memory for
handling new io-regions is kmalloc()ed. This crashes the computer
before mem_init(), as it seems.
But some drivers, for example the above mentioned one in
drivers/ide/umc8672.c, do already claim i/o ports in their kernel
parameter driven initialization procedures, so they crash the system.

The point to discuss is whether one needs to fix the drivers, to not
request i/o space while handling kernel parameters or to fix the kernel
to allow this behaviour. As I do not read this mailing list, a
currently don't have web access ready, I don't know whether this topic
has already been discussed. Currently I helped myself by just
commenting out the calls for check_region and request_region in the
umc8672.c file, but I know it smells.

Please send me a cc if you think you have a decision how to fix the

Michael Karcher
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