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    SubjectRe: kernel: ldt allocation failed
    At 09:15 07/12/01, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > I don't see how one can magically tell that this is an NVIDIA problem.
    >We don't know. But since we don't have their source and they have our
    >source only they can tell you.

    Not doing any debugging is fine.

    However, looking at 2.4.16/arch/i386/kernel/process.c::copy_segments()
    which generates this message it seems odd: It returns void, yet it can fail
    because it is doing a vmalloc().

    When the vmalloc() fails, the new_mm->context.segments is set to NULL and
    the function returns.

    That seems wrong, no? Shouldn't there be a panic() when the allocation
    fails at least? Or even better the function should perhaps return an error

    Considering there is only one caller (kernel/fork.c::copy_mm()) it would be
    easy to modify copy_mm() to handle a returned error code gracefully and
    goto fail_nomem, which would in turn result in kernel/fork.c::do_fork(),
    the only caller of copy_mm(), cleaning up properly and returning an error code.

    Or have I missed something and the situation where the ldt is missing can
    be recovered from? - I would think (without looking into this in the kernel
    code) that loosing the local descriptor table would be rather detrimental
    on the first context switch to the new process created by fork... And
    considering all kinds of errors are being handled in this code path, except
    for the vmalloc() failure, it seems like a good idea to add the appropriate
    fail mechanism.

    If nvidia is causing this to get triggered they will likely run into
    problems elsewhere anyway and we don't care but we should get the kernel
    working. As it is AFAICS we have a potential DOS, just get the box close to
    OOM and start calling man 2 fork and/or man 3 clone and you could trigger
    this with a finite probability.

    Best regards,


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