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SubjectRe: horrible disk thorughput on itanium
Padraig Brady <> writes:

> This breaks for the case discussed @
> I.E. if you have a multithreaded lib being linked by
> single threaded apps (Note multithreaded lib, not just a
> threadsafe lib (I.E. the lib calls pthread_create())).

That's an interesting, but very contrived, example. Can you find a
single multi-threaded lib that uses FILE*'s shared with the
application using it?

Linus's suggestion to add hooks to pthread_create() gets around that
problem, anyway. Alternatively, the multi-threaded library could
require any application linking to it to define _REENTRANT.

After all, it's silly to talk about a 'multi-threaded' library linked
to a 'single-threaded' application -- the application plus any
libraries, as a whole, are either multithreaded or not. They have to
be on the same page to deal with *any* locking issues.

-- Michael
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