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    SubjectRe: i810 audio patch
    Nathan Bryant wrote:

    > Doug Ledford wrote:
    >> Yes, on underrun the DAC is stopped and dmabuf->enable is cleared.
    >> That's clearly a bug in this case. However, it should only cause your
    >> problem if you are in fact getting an underrun. Anyway, here's a
    >> proposed fix you can try to see if that's what's causing the problem:
    > [snip]
    > That works.

    OK, good. I've fixed another bug related to MMAPed stuff (for the
    people that like to play Quake on these sound cards). I've put up a
    0.08 version of the file on my web page. If people could please verify
    that this version works for them I would appreciate it. Once I've
    gotten a few "It works here" reports and no "It blew my computer up"
    reports, I'll submit it to Marcello and Linus so we can finally get
    these things working a bit more reliably.

    Highlights of this release:

    Fix GETOPTR and GETIPTR (thinko/typo in an if statement)
    Fix i810_poll() (side effect of fixing overrun/underrun handling in 0.06)
    Make handling of dmabuf->trigger more consistent throughout the source code


    Doug Ledford <>
    Please check my web site for aic7xxx updates/answers before
    e-mailing me about problems

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