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    SubjectRe: [kbuild-devel] Converting the 2.5 kernel to kbuild 2.5
    On Tuesdayen den 4 December 2001 18.08, RaúlNúñez de Arenas	 Coronado wrote:
    > Hi Matthias :)
    > >Creating a dependency on Python? Is a non-issue.
    > Maybe for you. For me it *is* an issue. I don't like more and
    > more dependencies for the kernel. I mean, if I can drop kbuild and
    > keep on building the kernel with the old good 'make config' I won't
    > worry, but otherwise I don't think that kernel building depends on
    > something like Python.
    > Why must I install Python in order to compile the kernel? I don't
    > understand this. I think there are better alternatives, but kbuild
    > seems to be imposed any way.
    > >You don't make the pen yourself when writing a letter either.
    > I don't like to be forced in a particular pen, that's the reason
    > why I use and develop for linux.
    > >What are the precise issues with Python? Just claiming it is an
    > >issue is not useful for discussing this. Archive pointers are
    > >welcome.
    > Well, let's start writing kernel drivers with Python, Perl, PHP,
    > awk, etc... And, why not, C++, Ada, Modula, etc...
    > The kernel should depend just on the compiler and assembler, IMHO.

    And you'll select and pass every .c file directly to the compiler via the
    command line ?? Sounds like a giant step forwards !!

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