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    SubjectRe: bug ?
    On Mon, 31 Dec 2001 19:09:52 +0100
    Klaus Zerwes <> wrote:

    > My PC hangs sporadicaly (every 2 weeks) after heavy Network traffic.
    > I tried to work around the problem by changing the NIC (dmfe >
    > realtek, using new driver 8139too), but it din't help.

    Hm, I think I saw something the like. The configuration was basically SuSE 7.3
    (with 2.4.10-whatever kernel) and two Realtek cards in a not-trusted cheap box.
    I saw a good amount of collisions on the network, too. I replaced the Realteks
    with DLink and the kernel with 2.4.16 and it did not happen again, although the
    network collisions stayed the same. I tend to think it is the old kernel, but I
    don't like Realtek cards anyway, so I threw them out in one go.

    Tell us if it happens again with 2.4.17, or if you are sure it does not,
    declare it as solved.


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