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    SubjectRe: IRQ assignment probs with "1st Supersonic M6T Gericom" laptop
    Kai Germaschewski wrote:
    > On Mon, 31 Dec 2001, Fabio Tudone wrote:
    > > The basic problem is that I've been able to get interrupts assigned to the
    > > peripherals _only_ booting into Windows 2000 (other Windows versions won't
    > > do the trick) _from poweroff_ and then booting into Linux (I think that in
    > > fact it's a broken BIOS problem, but there are no upgrades available yet).
    > Yes, the BIOS provided $PIR table seems broken.
    > It would be nice if you could try whether ACPI IRQ routing works for you.
    > To do so, get the latest ACPI (20011218) source release, from
    > and apply it to 2.4.17. Then, apply the appended
    > patch.

    To tangent, I think it would be useful to allow the bootloader to load
    ACPI or $PIR or MP tables, in case someone is cutting costs [no tables]
    or broken BIOS [replacement of broken tables].


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