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    SubjectRe: [kbuild-devel] Re: State of the new config & build system (Alan Cox)  wrote on 28.12.01 in <>:

    > > Frankly, I find it very amusing that advocates of i18n efforts tend to
    > > be either British or USAnians. Folks, get real - your languages are
    > > too close to show where the problems are. I can see how doing that
    > > gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, but could you please listen to those
    > > of us who have to deal with the resulting mess for real?
    > The biggest advocates I see are from the Middle-East and Japan. We already
    > have people providing translations for in several languages.

    Once upon a time, I installed the German version of the man pages. Shortly
    after that, I switched to doing "LANG= man ..." because of exactly the
    problem Al mentions.

    But just recently I have been considering going back to the German man
    pages, because the quality has become *MUCH* better. In fact, it's now
    obvious they are fairly close translations of the English ones.

    In short, i18n for Linux has been improving drastically at least in some
    areas. Of course that won't be the same for all target languages; German
    is probably one of the best-supported ones because Linux usage in Germany
    is so heavy.

    As for specifically: it should be fairly easy to do a
    script which notices when the original of a translation has changed, and
    possibly either replaces it with the English version, or else does some
    other more or less intelligent thing about it.

    MfG Kai
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