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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] unchecked request_region's in drivers/net
    On Dec 28, 2001  18:34 +0000, Riley Williams wrote:
    > Can I suggest an alternative: Retain the MAINTAINERS file as it
    > currently is, but add a PATCHES-TO file in each subdirectory that
    > states how to handle patches relating to that directory, and have
    > these files follow a strict format, possibly...
    > ===8<=== CUT ===>8===
    > HomeDir = linux/subsystem/
    > List =
    > Maintainer = Guess Who <>
    > Watch * = Interested <>
    > Watch PATCHES-TO = John Doa <>
    > ===8<=== CUT ===>8===
    > WATCH filespec = name <email-address>
    > Specifies that the email address specified is also
    > interested in patches relating to the specified
    > files, and should be CC'd patches relating to just
    > the files specified. Files of interest are selected
    > using ls style wildcards. Can be repeated as often
    > as required for either the same or different files.
    > The filespec can not contain / characters, and only
    > matches files in the current directory.

    I'd rather just skip the WATCH part entirely (or limit it to people already
    in the MAINTAINERS list). If someone is interested in part of the code,
    they can subscribe to the mailing list.

    Also, if the PATCHES-TO file already lives in a particular subdirectory,
    I don't see the benefit of HomeDir, except to increase the maintenance

    Cheers, Andreas
    Andreas Dilger

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