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    SubjectRe: aio
    Bill Huey wrote:

    >On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 07:06:29PM -0800, David S. Miller wrote:
    >>Firstly, you say this as if server java applets do not function at all
    >>or with acceptable performance today. That is not true for the vast
    >>majority of cases.
    >>If java server applet performance in all cases is dependent upon AIO
    >>(it is not), that would be pretty sad. But it wouldn't be the first
    >Java is pretty incomplete in this area, which should be addressed to a
    >great degree in the new NIO API.
    >The core JVM isn't dependent on this stuff per se for performance, but
    >it is critical to server side programs that have to deal with highly
    >scalable IO systems, largely number of FDs, that go beyond the current
    >expressiveness of select()/poll().
    >This is all standard fare in *any* kind of high performance networking
    >application where some kind of high performance kernel/userspace event
    >delivery system is needed, kqueue() principally.
    >>time I've heard crap like that. There is propaganda out there telling
    >>people that 64-bit address spaces are needed for good java
    >>performance. Guess where that came from? (hint: they invented java
    >>and are in the buisness of selling 64-bit RISC processors)
    >What ? oh god. HotSpot is a pretty amazing compiler and it performs well.
    >Swing does well now, but the lingering issue in Java is the shear size
    >of it and possibly GC issues. It pretty clear that it's going to get
    >larger, which is fine since memory is cheap.
    I remind you: ORACLE 9i is requiring half a gig as a minimum just due to the
    use of the CRAPPY PIECE OF SHIT written in the Java, called, you guess
    it: Just the
    bloody damn Installer. Java is really condemned just due to the fact
    that both terms: speed
    and memmory usage are both allways only *relative* to other systems.

    And yes GC's have only one problem - they try to give a general solution
    for problems
    which can be easly prooven to be mathmematically insolvable. The
    resulting undeterministic
    behaviour of applications is indeed the thing which is hurting most.

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