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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] unchecked request_region's in drivers/net
On Thu, 27 Dec 2001, Andreas Dilger wrote:

> common directories like drivers/net/foo.c. In the top-level MAINTAINER
> file would only be something like "Marcello Tosatti" to cover the
> entire tree, and e.g. "David Miller" in the net/MAINTAINER, "Al Viro" in
> the fs/MAINTAINER, "Stephen Tweedie" in fs/ext3/MAINTAINER, etc.

Indeed, this solves the keeping the list up to date with whats
in the tree, and has provision for arbitary numbers of METOO:
fields (Though that could get messy, whats to stop Linus getting bombed
with a zillion additions from people who just want to get their
name in a kernel tarball for free). One way could be approval from
the actual maintainer "Yes, he's sent lots of patches, add him to

It does seem a little messy having them scattered all over the tree
too. Extending top-level MAINTAINERS to add necessary fields could
also be done I suppose.


| Dave Jones.
| SuSE Labs

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